William Roberts Lawyers initially began its practice specialising in property insurance work. After 10 years’ worth of experience in settlement negotiations, instituting and running legal proceedings and defending claims, William Roberts have developed a practical and successful approach to dealing with property insurance, in particular, home building and content damage claims and motor vehicle property damage claims.

We understand that for most insurance companies, a large percentage of their property insurance matters involve lower value claims. As such, our litigation team are highly trained in handling and managing significant volumes of property insurance claims which minimises the costs for our clients. Specific areas covered under our property insurance law capabilities are:

Motor Vehicle
Since 2005, William Roberts Lawyers have provided advice and litigation services to its insurer clients dealing with all aspects of Motor Vehicle claims.
We have an experienced motor vehicle property damage claims team with a success rate of 95%. We act for insurers as well as individuals. Our expertise extends beyond debt recovery services and includes defending claims (both subrogated and by individuals), dealing with credit hire repairer/replacement vehicle claims, and acting for insurers in defending claims by repairers, tow truck operators, individuals for defective repairs, and indemnity disputes arising from such claims.

Our team is experienced in all aspects of motor vehicle property damage litigation including the professional responsibilities and obligations that arise in dealing with such claims, including the obligations on solicitors, insurers (including under the Code of Practice and Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct.

William Roberts Lawyers has proven experience in dealing with motor vehicle claims, both at appeal and trial level throughout the various state jurisdictions.

Retail Business Insurance
We understand that each business has its own complexities and intricacies. Similarly, we understand that providing insurance for these businesses comes with its own complexities. Our experienced insurance team can assist you in providing advice, dispute resolution and litigation services for these products.
Our lawyers have experience and are familiar with the specific risks that may arise in dealing with retail business insurance matters. William Roberts has a proven track record of advising on, and obtaining successful results on behalf of insurers in resolving public and product liability claims, business interruption claims and other similar claims.

We advise on the liability of aviation stakeholders including airport owners and operators. We act in aviation claims advising on property and injury claims involving aircraft owners and repairers and hangar keeper’s liability. We provide legal services in claims under the Damage By Aircraft Act 1999 and Civil Aviation (Carriers Liability) Act 1959, claims by passengers, claims by third parties (non-passengers), public liability claims, claims in respect of loss or damage to an insured’s aircraft, claims in respect of loss or damage to aircraft (non-ownership), claims caused by aerial application, liability for airfield premises and liability for aircraft in care or custody.
Some examples of our team’s claims experience include:

  • Acting on behalf of an aircraft repairer in relation to alleged negligent repair;
  • Acting in a business interruption claim in relation to the loss of use of an aircraft;
  • Advising on the liability of airport operators;
  • Acting in a personal injury claim arising out of an injury to a spectator at an airshow;
  • Acting on behalf of an instructor in relation to a personal injury claim arising out of a hang gliding accident;
  • Acting on behalf of an insurer in respect to the denial of indemnity to an insured in relation to a paragliding accident;
  • Acting on behalf of an insurer in relation to the denial of indemnity for faulty workmanship relating to the spray painting of an aircraft;
  • Acting on behalf of an insurer for recovery of loss arising from property damage sustained to an aircraft.

We advise and act in marine claims involving property damage to vessels and personal injury, in both litigated and unlitigated claims. Bruce Cussen has significant experience in marine. Bruce is also an accredited specialist in personal injury law.
Examples of experience include:

  • Acting for a marine insurer advising on denial of indemnity for property damage and personal injury under an insurance policy arising from the skipper of the vessel driving or navigating the vessel whilst under the influence of intoxicating liquor and the vessel colliding with rocks;
  • Acting for a boat-sharing company on instructions from a marine insurer in defending a personal injury claim arising from an injury involving three fingers being severed from a guest on a vessel who got her fingers trapped when releasing lines from a vessel;
  • Acting for a marine insurer in advising on a claim for indemnity under an insurance policy by a corporate entity arising from injury to a person sustained in the course of construction and maintenance of the Anzac Class Frigate ships and the interpretation of and application of contractual indemnities and insurance provisions in the contractual documents.

Recoveries & Settlements
In dealing with our client’s recoveries and settlement negotiations, our focus is on measured, objective and commercial advice aligned with the best interests of the client.
We emphasise innovative and forward thinking strategies in the debt recovery and settlements process.

Our point of difference is that we invest the time to get to know our clients; this means our advice is not only targeted, but also focuses on achieving the relevant strategic drivers identified by the client. Ultimately, the goal is to satisfy the client’s objectives.

Mindful of the costs that can be associated with protracted legal proceedings, we recommend early dispute resolution and we open up the communication channel with debtors as a primary step. Our goal is to achieve a recovery which is as close as possible to the loss sustained whilst keeping costs to a minimum. The same applies in settlement negotiations whereby the focus is on reducing the client’s exposure. We employ strategies that are both commercial and tactical.

We have experience in all Australian jurisdictions. This gives us a strategic advantage over other law firms, as we exhibit sound judgment and understanding of the financial and insurance industries as a whole in order to satisfy our client’s ultimate objectives.

Our communication and negotiation skills, technical knowledge and distinctive strategies allow us to handle our client’s largest and most complex cases seamlessly, whilst delivering exceptional results.

Please contact our offices if you would like to discuss your needs on 02 9552 2111

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