Zareen Resan

Zareen specialises in subrogated recoveries across NSW and VIC concerning claims against developers and insurers. She has also assisted with simple and complex property damage claims and recoveries.

Zareen has significant previous experience in dealing with personal injury, specifically workers compensation and life insurance. She has achieved settlements in both total and permanent disablement and death benefit claims.

She also has extensive experience in civil litigation, commercial and legal debt recovery. Zareen has also assisted in process and policy development. She had engaged in negotiations and achieved commercially sound settlements.

Who I work with and what I do
Zareen is in our Insurance team and handles commercial litigation in relation to subrogated motor vehicle and property recoveries. She also deals with dual insurance and building and construction litigation matters. She represents our clients in both Plaintiff and Defendant matters across NSW and VIC.

What I like to do
Zareen enjoys CrossFit and participates in competitions.