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Online Access to your files

 An integral part of our relationship with our clients is our ability to listen and to shape our online services to meet their needs. This is clearly demonstrated by our approach to sharing information through easily accessible, secure online access to client files. We proactively anticipate our clients’ online needs and match them with simple and flexible systems.

Our online solution, Gateway, draws together the information in our practice management and accounting systems to provide our clients with secure access to view their files in real time. Clients (with authorised access) can access information such as instruction date, claim amount, current status, as well as access any relevant documentation. Additionally, clients can:

  • Create client-specific workspaces tailored to the type of data and documents that the client wants to see and share
  • Monitor matter status, data and tasks
  • Download or upload documents to client workspaces
  • Submit a new matter request online and upload the accompanying documents.

Gateway is optimised for secure use on desktops and mobile devices.

Access to our online portal increases accountability for performance generally and ensures that expectations and key performance indicators are met. This real-time access also facilitates random audits of matters without the requirement for clients to give us notice. We believe that this level of transparency enhances our participation in our clients’ matters and results in significant costs savings.

If you would like to learn more about our online services and how we can work together more effectively, please feel free to contact us. 

Click here to access Gateway