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Business Structure

To obtain the best outcome in structuring any business, our team always starts with understanding our clients’ goals, obtaining the context surrounding the transaction and identifying our client’s potential key issues that will arise in different business structures.

We do not view these matters as just opening a new company. Our clients will go through the process of being able to identify their key business needs, their own needs and being aware of their risks and liabilities. 

Our team strives to develop key strategies and contingencies to deal with issues before they arise rather than being reactive. We know business and we are in the business of providing advice and by taking this proactive approach we ensure that our clients take the right steps from the beginning.

Our team knows that a structure is not just about catering for the “here and now”, but must be capable of responding to future growth and change. 

We believe in working collaboratively with our clients and their financial advisers to ensure that the structure chosen maximises the benefits and protections to our clients.