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Commercial Litigation

Our philosophy is to adopt a functional approach to disputes.

Together with our clients, objectives are determined, case theories developed and strategies implemented to achieve a just, quick and cheap resolution consistent with modern case management principles.

We take a pragmatic approach to litigation by seeking to narrow the material issues in dispute. This is done through mechanisms available to parties such as issuing notices to admit facts and authenticity of documents; if appropriate, administering interrogatories; identifying questions to be determined separately and before any other matter in issue with a view to early resolution of the dispute; serving offers of compromise shortly after the close of pleadings; and briefing experts before or shortly after the commencement of proceedings.

Mindful of costs, a commercial approach to litigation means we always consider alternative dispute resolution methods by engaging in early dialogue with other parties. Early dialogue allows us to best determine and advise you on the method and timing of alternative dispute resolution processes.

Clients instruct us to handle their largest and most complex international cases because of our experience derived from some of the most high-profile disputes of recent years; our seamless service; and our market focus, expertise and insight. Areas in which we can assist, include:

  • Banking, regulatory and finance disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Competition disputes
  • Reformation
  • Misleading and deceptive conduct disputes
  • Fraud
  • Product liability
  • Property disputes
  • Technology disputes