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William Roberts Lawyers 是一家充滿活力和創新的律師事務所。我們的主要業務範圍是解決糾紛、訴訟和代理各類商務、房產交易法律事務。

我們的創始人Robert Ishak和Bill Petrovski於2005年7月1號成立了我們的悉尼事務所現在, 我們已經發展成為擁有大約55位雇員,30位律師的知名律師行。我們的辦公室遍布悉尼、墨爾本、布裡斯班和新加坡。

我們的宗旨是客戶至上 - 我們緻力於建立和完善客戶關繫,為客戶量身定製省時省錢的法律策略,滿足客戶的法律需求。

我們說您的語言 - 我們有一個精通國粵語的團隊,他們對華人社區客戶的需求有深刻的了解,並已成為許多華人客戶在澳洲的指定律師。我們華語團隊涉及到的法律領域包括房地產、建築工程、保險、銀行和金融。

如果您想更多的了解我們,請聯繫我們Special Counsel級別的律師潘丁潘律師。您可以撥打電話 +61 2 9552 211或者發送電子郵件到 點擊此處  (PDF 93.5KB)  可以下載潘律師的個人簡曆。




潘律師帶領著一個優秀的團隊,他們與廣大華人有強烈的共鳴, 對華人在澳洲所麵對的無論法律上還是文化上的挑戰有深刻的了解,能為華人提供最合適法律建議,並為廣大華人爭取到最好的結果。


William Roberts Lawyers is a dynamic and innovative law firm with a focus on dispute resolution, litigation, and personal, commercial and property transactions.

The firm was started in Sydney on 1 July 2005, by Robert Ishak and Bill Petrovski.  Since then, we have grown to a total of 55 employees, including 30 talented lawyers, across our Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Singapore offices.

Our clients have been at the core of our success. We are committed to establishing and improving client relationships and we do so by forming time and cost efficient tailored strategies to meet clients’ needs.

Importantly, we speak your language – we have a team fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese. Our team have an insightful understanding of the needs of the local Chinese community and business practices.  We have represented many Chinese clients in Australia across dispute resolution, litigation, conveyancing and business advisory, with a focus on the areas of real estate, construction, insurance, banking and finance.

For more information on how we can assist you, please contact our Special Counsel, Ding Pan, on +61 2 9552 2111 or Click here to view Ding’s full profile.


Ding is one of the few native Mandarin speakers who has been awarded a Specialist Accreditation in Commercial Litigation by the Law Society of New South Wales. The Specialist Accreditation is an official recognition of Ding’s proven expertise in the area of Commercial Litigation. Armed with his expertise and rich experiences, Ding has been able to achieve just outcomes for many Chinese businesses and individuals in the areas of commercial, construction and property disputes and complex litigation.

Ding leads a team who understand the challenges that Chinese businesses and individuals face in Australia from both the legal and the cultural perspective. We are therefore able to deliver tailored advice and strategies to achieve the best possible outcomes for our Chinese clients.