Emma Fitzsimmons

A dedicated second-year Bachelor of Law and Commerce student, Emma adeptly balances rigorous full-time studies with a dynamic role as a part-time law clerk and legal secretary. Specialising in insurance matters, Emma provides invaluable support to the Brisbane office with a focus on prominent insurance providers Allianz and IAG. This role primarily involves engagement with insurance cases in the Queensland Magistrates Court and the Supreme Court of Queensland

Who I work with and what I do
Emma is an essential member of the team, collaborating closely with distinguished professionals including Fred van Reede, and Zayd Chothia, . Within this capacity, Emma consistently demonstrates exceptional attention to detail by meticulously preparing, proofreading, editing, and finalising a range of documents and reports. An intuitive problem solver, Emma proactively enhances departmental efficiency by foreseeing needs and implementing strategies accordingly.

What I like to do
Beyond the legal realm, Emma reveals a passion for Rugby League, a noteworthy pursuit considering their Melbourne origins. Striking a harmonious balance between competitive and social sports engagement, Emma is a fervent participant in various athletic pursuits with friends. A seeker of personal growth, Emma invests spare moments in reading diverse perspectives on life and global communities, reflecting a commitment to continuous self-improvement. By blending academic dedication, professional acumen, and a well-rounded personal outlook, Emma connects deeply with colleagues and clients alike, offering a unique and relatable approach to legal matters.