William Roberts Lawyers Appoints new Principal, Bruce Cussen

William Roberts Lawyers is pleased to announce the appointment of new Principal, Bruce Cussen.

Bruce joined the firm in 2015 with a wealth of experience specialising in the area of insurance law, litigation and dispute resolution. Bruce’s elevation to principal is in recognition of his skills, hard work and dedication to our clients and the firm.

Over the last 25 years, Bruce has attained many career highlights, including:

  • Becoming an accredited specialist in personal injury and
  • Acting in the High Court matter of Hollis v Vabu.

William Roberts Lawyers chairman and principal Robert Ishak said “The path to becoming a principal at our firm requires dedication to the law, perseverance and extensive engagement with our clients. Bruce is a thoughtful lawyer and a man of great integrity, I look forward to serving with him”.

Bruce’s promotion to Principal demonstrates the firm’s commitment to developing our talent and continued growth in the insurance market.