Articles and Case Studies

No Entitlement to Deny Indemnity for Jet Ski Accident   14 Mar 2017
The Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of the Australia Capital Territory in Allianz Australia Insurance Limited v Smeaton [2016] ACTCA 59, dismissed an appeal by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (Allianz) in relation to a claim arising from a jet skiing accident.
To recuse or not to recuse? An enunciation of principles and their application in Karadaghian v Big Beat (Australia) Pty Ltd (No 3).   9 Feb 2017
In Karadaghian v Big Beat (Australia) Pty Ltd (No 3) [2014] NSWSC 1691 (Karadaghian case), an application was made by the first defendant for Rothman J to disqualify himself from hearing the substantive hearing in the proceedings on the basis of apprehended bias due to a pre-judgment arising from in ...
CGU & Blakeley - the Conclusion?   7 Dec 2016
In CGU Insurance Limited v Blakeley [2016] HCA 2 previously summarised by William Roberts earlier this year the High Court of Australia found that a potential plaintiff can pursue a claim against an insolvent company’s insurer under that company’s insurance policy. This was controversial because it ...
Intersections; Lights and Liabilities   28 Nov 2016
Motor vehicle drivers when approaching an intersection must, generally, take reasonable care to control their vehicle so as to avoid a collision.
Subrogation and Liquidation – a harmonious melody or one out of tune?   22 Nov 2016
Insolvency proceedings can often be a very chaotic and drawn out process. Amidst the flurry of activity undertaken by creditors, liquidators and directors, a question to consider is what happens when we throw an insurer’s rights of subrogation into the mix.

In the News

Aussie firm William Roberts opens in SG   19 Feb 2013
Australian law firm William Roberts Lawyers has opened an office in Singapore, its first outside its home country and its third overall.
Matter of circumstance - proving motive for insurance fraud in arson (pdf 55.5KB)   1 May 2012
Reliance upon circumstantial evidence is common practice for insurance companies when alleging an insured was responsible for causing a fire that damaged an insured’s premises.
Consumer credit reform - snapshot on compliance (pdf 493.5KB)   1 Dec 2011
Reform of Australian Consumer Credit Laws by Federal Parliament in 2009 resulted in sweeping changes to the Australia consumer credit landscape.