Articles and Case Studies

Cartel Conduct or Joint Venture?   3 Sep 2018
When considering dealings involving actual or potential competitors, Australian competition law has long struggled drawing a bright line between: • permissible pro-competitive joint venture activity; and • illegal anti-competitive cartel conduct.
Policing insurer reasonableness and disclosure deciding TPD claims   20 Aug 2018
In 2015, MetLife’s handling of total and permanent disability (TPD) claims lodged by police officers relating to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was the subject of public scrutiny and complaint. In 2016 and 2017, the Supreme Court rejected claims by MetLife that its reinsurer was on risk for s ...
On 18 July 2018 in Sydney, reasons for judgment in Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Apple Pty Ltd (No 4) [2018] FCA 953 were published. Apple had earlier been penalised $9 million for suggesting it was not obliged to fix a software fault in its mobile devices if a third party had wor ...
Buyer and seller beware – “Gun Jumping” on ACCC radar   13 Jul 2018
Great care is needed on any potential sale or acquisition involving competitors (or potential competitors) to ensure the parties do not contravene broad civil penal and criminal prohibitions on cartel conduct in the Competition and Consumer Act.
The Brave New World of Data (in) Security   9 Jul 2018
The Brave New World of Data (in) Security It is prudent to be scared rather than brave in the modern world of data breaches and cyber-attacks, where criminal enterprise endeavours to breach effective security systems and keep ahead of effective regulation.

In the News

Aussie firm William Roberts opens in SG   19 Feb 2013
Australian law firm William Roberts Lawyers has opened an office in Singapore, its first outside its home country and its third overall.
Matter of circumstance - proving motive for insurance fraud in arson (pdf 55.5KB)   1 May 2012
Reliance upon circumstantial evidence is common practice for insurance companies when alleging an insured was responsible for causing a fire that damaged an insured’s premises.
Consumer credit reform - snapshot on compliance (pdf 493.5KB)   1 Dec 2011
Reform of Australian Consumer Credit Laws by Federal Parliament in 2009 resulted in sweeping changes to the Australia consumer credit landscape.