Anthea Karvounaris

Anthea has experience managing litigated matters including initiating and responding to claims and interlocutory proceedings, discovery, attending pre-hearing conferences, directions hearings, appearing at mediation and interlocutory hearings, instructing counsel at trial, negotiating settlements, taking action to enforce orders and settlement agreements.

Anthea holds a number of skills in advocacy and commercial dispute resolution. In the area of insurance, she has experience in motor vehicle claims, home contents, property damage and defective goods. Anthea has significant experience with the recovery and dispute resolution of insurance claims dealing with a range of issues including indemnity, parties' obligations and rights under policies, non-disclosure, misrepresentation, duty of utmost good faith and fraud which have encompassed application of the common law and the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth).

Anthea’s knowledge of corporate insolvency and bankruptcy law is wide-ranging and her experience has included initiating and responding to statutory demands, applications to wind up corporations, providing advice and recovery actions including unfair preferences and uncommercial transactions. Anthea regularly works on claims and defences relating to motor vehicle, home, contents and property damage disputes and has completed numerous submissions to the Financial Ombudsman Service on behalf of insurers.

Anthea’s recent experience includes:

  • Being instructed by various insurers in general insurance disputes including motor vehicle disputes, home and contents claims, contractual construction and indemnity disputes;
  • Instructed by financial institutions in debt recovery and enforcement matters, as well as in insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Building contract disputes relating to variations and substantial breaches;
  • Defending recovery claims and related common law damages claim against a manufacturers;
  • Indemnity insurance matters involving application of issues relating to: non-disclosure, an insurer’s ability to refuse a claim and how to strategically defend fraudulent claims;
  • Advising plaintiffs (pursuant to instructions from their subrogated insurer) with respect to defective product claims involving the manufacturers of electrical isolation switches, motor vehicles and air conditioning units;
  • Defending a life insurance claim on the basis on non-disclosure; and
  • Debt recovery by a deceased's estate against a beneficiary.