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We advise and act in marine claims involving property damage to vessels and personal injury, in both litigated and unlitigated claims. Bruce Cussen has significant experience in marine. Bruce is also an accredited specialist in personal injury law.

Examples of experience include:

  • Acting for a marine insurer advising on denial of indemnity for property damage and personal injury under an insurance policy arising from the skipper of the vessel driving or navigating the vessel whilst under the influence of intoxicating liquor and the vessel colliding with rocks;
  • Acting for a boat-sharing company on instructions from a marine insurer in defending a personal injury claim arising from an injury involving three fingers being severed from a guest on a vessel who got her fingers trapped when releasing lines from a vessel;
  • Acting for a marine insurer in advising on a claim for indemnity under an insurance policy by a corporate entity arising from injury to a person sustained in the course of construction and maintenance of the Anzac Class Frigate ships and the interpretation of and application of contractual indemnities and insurance provisions in the contractual documents.