William Roberts Lawyers is dedicated to looking after our natural environment and raising awareness around climate change and sustainability issues. We also work hard to minimise our impact on the environment. William Roberts aims to reduce the firms’ greenhouse gas emissions where possible. When we cannot reduce emissions, we purchase carbon credits to compensate.

William Roberts proud to be affiliated with Climate Friendly, pioneers in providing innovative carbon management solutions to businesses around the world that are ready to act and focus on sustainable energy and solutions for global warming. By purchasing carbon credits, the money William Roberts spends funds a Tasmanian project aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This project protects valuable native forest, home to the endangered Tasmanian devil and Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle.

The Tasmanian Native Forest Protection Project is built on private land. This means that instead of clearing the land for farming, landowners can generate revenue through an alternative business model. The project minimises greenhouse gas emissions by preventing the release of carbon stored in trees. This carbon would otherwise be released through the logging, processing and use of the timber.

This pioneering project was one of the first in Australia to be accredited under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). It is also among the first VCS projects in the world in the field of improved forest management and avoided deforestation.

William Roberts Lawyers was one of the first firms in Australia to be accredited as carbon neutral by carbon-neutral certification company Carbon Reduction Institute .