27 Jun 2017
Land Owners Found Not Liable Under Home Building Act
On 9 June 2017, the Supreme Court of NSW found in Owners Strata Plan No 66375 v Suncorp Metway Insurance Limited (No.2) [2017] NSWSC 739, that the land owners were not liable as developers under the Home Building Act 1989 (NSW) applicable in 2000.
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14 Jun 2017
Ashley Services Class Action
On 1 December 2016, William Roberts Lawyers instituted an investor class action in the Federal Court of Australia against Ashley Services Group Limited (ACN: 094 747 510) (“Ashley”), on behalf of current and former shareholders backed by litigation funder, IMF Bentham Limited.
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6 Jun 2017
Unveiling Anonymity in the Federal Court
In the modern environment of rising cyber security incidents, compounded with an increase in the anonymity of individuals behind the cyber veil, the utilisation of the Court's powers to grant Discovery to reveal the identity of a prospective respondent is fast becoming contextually relevant in lega ...
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31 May 2017
The Hon. Michael Kirby Speaks About North Korea and Human Rights
On 12 May 2017, William Roberts Lawyers were delighted to host the Hon. Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG, former justice of the High Court of Australia, as part of our Sydney Leadership Series.
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22 May 2017
Psychiatric injury in the workplace and negligence
Job related stress is by no means a new phenomenon; however, increasing awareness around mental health means that there is a greater level of responsibility placed on employers to provide a safe workplace.
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15 May 2017
Fraud in Insurance Claims
William Roberts acted for the insurer in the recent unreported decision in the Local Court of NSW in Abdelrazek v Insurance Australia Limited (Local Court of New South Wales, Magistrate Russell, 22 February 2017). This decision is another example of the far-reaching consequences to insureds found to ...
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18 Apr 2017
Lawyers Gone Wild: Acting without Authority
On 21 February 2017, in Victorian Legal Services commissioner v Logan (Legal Practice), the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal delivered a decision regarding obligations that solicitors have towards their client and their client’s insureds. Whilst this decision canvasses two separate compl ...
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7 Apr 2017
Stealth Enterprises Pty Ltd t/as The Gentlemen’s Club v Calliden Insurance Limited
On Wednesday 5 April 2017, the Court of Appeal in New South Wales handed down its judgment that overturned Stealth Enterprises t/as The Gentleman’s Club v Calliden Insurance Limited [2015] NSWSC 1270
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31 Mar 2017
Unprecedented, Unpublished and Unreported Judgements
Case law (also known as common law), as opposed to statue law, arise from judicial decisions made by the Courts through the application of legal reasoning to relevant facts. Case law is also determined in accordance with a hierarchy, i.e. superior courts will set precedent over inferior courts. Con ...
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14 Mar 2017
No Entitlement to Deny Indemnity for Jet Ski Accident
The Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of the Australia Capital Territory in Allianz Australia Insurance Limited v Smeaton [2016] ACTCA 59, dismissed an appeal by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (Allianz) in relation to a claim arising from a jet skiing accident.
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